Kitchen Maintenance and Issues

Is your canopy not sucking properly?

A clean and safe kitchen extends beyond the food preparation and cooking stations. Poor canopy suction is often uncovered only when it’s too late: illness (such as gastro) shuts down a kitchen indefinitely whilst the build-up of grease in commercial kitchen exhaust hoods and fans, coupled with flames or intense heat, can cause fires that damage commercial kitchen equipment, entire business or, worse, cause serious injury to staff or patrons.

If you suspect you have canopy suction issues in your kitchen, we’re here to help.
Our team provide inspections, regular maintenance and restaurant canopy cleaning to specified standards to significantly reduce health and fire risks whilst protecting your staff, customers and bottom-line. If you suspect you have an air flow problem or just want reassurance that your commercial kitchen is operating safely, efficiently and cost-effectively, give Alpha Hospitality a call.

Specialists in kitchen exhaust cleaning

Paying special attention to range or canopy hoods, commercial kitchen exhaust fan filters are replaced before they are considered a threat to maximise the efficiency of commercial kitchen equipment and minimise down-time. Alpha Hospitality can also recommend and deliver industrial kitchen supplies required to meet and comply with health, operational and safety standards.

Routine maintenance that complies with provisions in Australian Standard AS 1851.6 1997 will ensure your commercial kitchen meets all insurance, OH&S and applicable government regulations.

Complete catering maintenance

Alpha Hospitality provides a comprehensive suite of products and services designed to ensure commercial kitchens deliver a high standard in food production, employee welfare and profitability.

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